Sunday, March 18, 2007

1 Year in the making..

Hey guys! I realise that it's been a year and a half since i last posted.But you know lar.. life kinda has a way to keep you constantly occupied and shit so yeah i had no time to blog at all.Well hopefully now that i have chosen to leave most of my mental preoccupations behind , I will be able to blog more frequently.

I have decided to change things a little bit , rather than bitching and insulting people and telling people how terrible and dark and smelly life is , i'm gonna focus on the better and less smelly things around me.For those people who dont know i'm currently in Perth , Western Australia.Doing my Law Degree at Edith Cowan University and instead of living with 3 terribly disgusting and dirty Indonesian guys back at Bangsar , i've upgraded to living with 2 decent Chinese guys from Hong Kong ( apparently Hong Kong is neither a country or a state... but who gives a flying crap).I love it here though, it might get quiet during the weekdays but a little peace is good.How can I complain when theres 1 and a half hours of the simpsons every tuesday!

Perth needs a little getting used to , Asians are bullied alot weh.One night i was in a cab on the way to Bursewood Casino (proudly owned by Genting) with Iman and Areena , and a bunch of Aboriginies just drove up next to us at the traffic light and spat at our cab and showed us the finger.I was like wtf wei... now kena spit edi sure lose money.And back home i wont even touch public transport... but here i have to take 2 buses to uni.Taxis here are insane as well.I remember the first day here with my Mum and we spent 60 ringgit on a 8 KM trip.

Whenever i have a few spare days i like to head down to Curtin University to visit Ian Ananda Iman and the guys. I'm telling you clubbing here is sooo much better as compared to KL.When we are hanging it's always damn fun lor.

Anyway a big shoutout to Adrian Tan Chia Chi , fucker has been bugging me to blog since i got here.Please enjoy the pictures and check for updates often.Good night guys.

My New Home!

My Desk!(Dorm Daze is crap btw and yes thats Melissa in the calendar)

My Room Wei!

Kings Park , The view from Areena's balcony (don't think dirty ok! balcony rofl)

Muizz Ananda and Ian ( Ian looks damn stupid eh? )

I'm still skinny eh? Notice i'm bald?

Ian Me Areena and Muizz

Always a party when we're together!

p.s - i miss you Chyuen

Monday, October 24, 2005

An Update on Life...

Hi...Blogging cause my head is filled with thoughts,memories and feelings and i just cant keep em to myself anymore...

The past few weeks have been a potpurri of emotions.Ranging from sadness to joy,dissapointment to happiness.Life has not been going so well yet the occasional smile and kind gesture by a friend or a random person makes things feel less complicated and easier to bear with.

For starters,sadness... im leaving for Australia on Wednesday... Yes this Wednesday the 26th.There are so many things i wanna learn,and wanna share and explore myself.Somewhere peaceful and conducive without any distractions where i can sort out my life and think.Rarely do you get a chance to sit and THINK in our busy daily routines in KL.Hopefully this experience will illuminate many of my suspicions and enlighten my thoughts and questions.

Many things happened in the last few weeks.For starters I shall blog about my long lost friends once again found.My beloved KAOSIANS.Lucc(Wazir),Alvin and Elendil (Sam) and occasionally , Mr.Ashadee!.No we dont gather and play Ragnarok like the old days,but we Dota and stuff.... u know lah,just hang around.Watching movies and insulting each other.Been awhile since ive seen these people so i guess its fun to finally see them again.Always smiling and always talking bout thought provoking issues and stuff-lah.Well the 4 of us attended another Ragnarok friend-that-became-real-life-friend's birthday party!!Our lovely and beautiful Miss Anasthasia Tanios(Dora).Pictures will be inserted later.At the party,which was a grand formal event was held at the Times Square Hotel!Talk about posh shit.We got lost in KL but eventually made our way there.When we arrived and we saw miss Anasthasia our eyes were like @@" coz she was stunning and gorgeous.The party was great the company was good.Ended the night with drinks at Telawi Street Bistro where our dear Sam,tried to hit on my high school senior!Laughs and Love.What a great night.Yesterday we went for Transporter 2 at MidValley and the show was oozing of bullshit.Ended up in VA where we Dota-ed and at Hartamas Square for dinner.A round of pool at Players after.The funniest thing happened at Hartamas Square.I called the waiter over and said "Boss bagi saya "shuet cha" satu" and the dude replied "OK Boss nak ais tak".Couldn't stop laughing.

I know whats on your minds my dear readers."Jia how is Melissa".She's great la.Were so much in love and everything is going smoothly.She is as pretty as always and I havent grown an inch.Abit shy-lah when we go out shopping or for meals together.Everyone we meet are like "OMG Jia she is SOOOOOOO much taller than you" and it makes me feel like a midget hehe.But whats height when love is concerned?Merely a minute little detail anyway Melissa is taller than like 75% of the Malaysian population lah so I dont really give a shit.Anyway heres an interesting story.After pasar malam with me in Bangsar today as Mel was driving home,My dear friends,Shafeeq,Blu and Roshan,Or better known as the writers of the ingenious blog drove past Mel's car,started honking at her and threw paper at her out their windows...Ahh maturity at it's finest.I love them all,but I wonder how did I survive like 4 years in high school with them and still be sane.

Now,The moments of extreme sadness.I recieved a phonecall from Jia Meei on the 19th of this month at exactly 8.30 pm.She was crying and i barely could make up what she was saying.After she calmed down she told me her story,A distant friend of mine,Eunice Lee had just passed away.Although I was not close to her,the news was like a slap on the face.I asked JiaMeei to cool down as I tried to hold my tears back.After I put down the phone,I closed my eyes,and prayed.For the first time in weeks I prayed.For Lee Tung,For Eunice's family for everyone she knew and everything she held dear.She was a Gem and was too perfect for this world.On the same day, Our fist lady,Datin Paduka Seri Endon Mahmood passed away as well impacting Countries and Nations across Asia.

Now the dissapointment.I really miss my 12 years + China gang.Ian,Adrian,Chun Kiat,Edmund and all lah.Havent spent ANY time with them lately.Kinda miss them but I guess everyone is caught up in their own lives.

Well guys its time to sleep.Will update in Melbourne.My new home perhaps?

For the Stoopid-People

Alvin,Sam,Wazir and Me =p


Thats it for now.Take care guys.Will update as soon as I can in Aus.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

A Tribute....

Yesterday was a fucking sad day for many of us...A dear friend of us had passed away... This is my tribute to her...

Eunice Lee...Even though we were just hie and bye friends...You impacted so many people...Changed their lives and gavme them love...And you might not realise this...But those u people you made an impact on made an impact on me...Indirectly u changed my life...

Eunice Lee...I might now have been close but i knew who u were...You was pretty...Smart...A servent of God...You was too perfect for this world...Too Damn Perfect...

Eunice Lee... I know right now,that you are in Heaven...I do not think it... I know it...

Lau Lee Tung...I'm deeply sorry for your loss...

As you all read this...I hope that u will give our dear Eunice 1 moment of Silence...A minute of prayer for her...For she was special and was destined for soooo much more in life....

Eunice even though i was not close...You parting made me cry,and pray that the ones who love you most are ok...

19/10/2005...A day we will always remember and pray for you...God Bless You....

Friday, September 30, 2005


Tat Wei is going home to Batu Pahat today....I really envy him... I wish I could go home too...

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

For Sher....

7 Things That Scare me

1. Cockroaches
2. Midgets
3. Mel when she has PMS
4. Sher when she has PMS
5. Running out of clean underwear
6. Growing even shorter than i already am
7. My Eng.Lit. teacher....

7 Things I Like Most About Me

1. Err...My hair
2. My Atheletic ability
3. My 12 years + China gang
4.My dear A+B nerds
5.My Melissa Tan
6.My lame jokes
7.My other friends who dont fall into the above categories
8. Add another one lah =p My KAOS-ian friends from RO that still keep in touch with me =p

7 Most Important Things In My Room.

1. First off let me say that i barely have 7 things in my room lolz
2. My PC
3. My underwear drawer
4. My ashtray
5. My bottle of drinking water
6. My 2 inch thick mattress
7. My air conditioner

7 Random Facts About Me

1. I never have enough money
2. I eat like a starving pig
3. I am kinda short... is 5'6" short?
4. I smoke like a chimmeny
5. I check out every girl i see
6. I used to attend drama classes at the Actor's Studio
7. I check out every guy i see

7 Things I Can Do

1. Eat
2. Insult People
3. Insult people's parents
4. ermm Run
5. Drive endlessly without a destination
6. Sleep without moving at all
7. Tell lame jokes....Most of them directed at your mom

7 Things I Can't Do

1. Take a shit upside down
2. Get my computer to work well
3. Get Melissa to listen to me
4. Study
5. Concentrate in class
6. Resist checking out a hot girl
7. Resist insulting someone after they do something stupid lolz

7 Things I Say The Most

1. FUCK!!!
2. MAHAI!!!!
3. Dear... am I REALLY THAT short??
4. FUCK YOU!!!
6. Mahai... why u so stupid fucking wan arh?
7. Wah that girls ass can fry egg wei mahai!!

7 Celeb Crushes

1. Hohoho banyak... Lindsey Lohan
2.Mary-Kate Olsen
3.Ashley Olsen
4.Mary-Kate AND Ashley Olsen
5.That yellow dinosaur from Barney...
6.Actually not that banyak lolz

7 Things I Hate Most About Me

1. My height
2. My fucking skinny body
3. My inability to budget cash
4. My smoking....Have to stop lahhh
5. My foul mouth also has to stop =.=
6. My inability to control Melissa =.= its so obvious that I am the bitch in this relationship
7. My short legs....If abit longer sure can run faster bah!

7 People I'd Love To See Do This

1. Jun
2. TW
3. Joxx
5. Sher-Vin
6. Mary-Kate Olsen
7. Err....Barney's sister?

Ok Sher i hope ur happy...Till next time~!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Uneventful Yet Meaningfull...

Hey guys~!As the title suggests the day was mundane...Had breakfast with Shaf and Blu...Check out their blog by the way its ...Hours of endless laughter there...After that was dim sum with Js,Pui Ee the hippo,Mel, Tat Wei and Jun(Mels' Brother) and Chyuen (My Brother)...After that i was off to Mel's place where we spent hours talking and even more hours sleeping...I really enjoy the hours we spend talking...

Anyway the whole point of this post was to show off the medals i won yesterday at the HELP University College Sports Carnival...Enjoy =D

Hahaha the gold one damn shiny wei~!!!

till next time...see you folks!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

A Smile for You...

Again i would like to apologize for not updating as often as i should...Life is hectic and full of surprises and its kinda hard to fit daily blogging into my current agenda...If i do post however i promise to make them meaningful and full of emotion...
This week has been great...Absolutely great...Caught STOMP on tuesday with Melissa...Sometimes seeing a smile on the face of your loved one gives you this feeling...Somewhat satisfactory and im glad she enjoyed it...
College has been tough...I got monday off from the doctor...It seems that I have high blood pressure...That explains the sudden feverish feelings and headache attacks I have been getting as of late...He says its due to too much stress...
Throughout this week however...I have been clacking off big time...My nights are filled with Dota and sleep is little and precious...It's been great spending time with my old KAOS friends -avin- and Lucc and even Marcus from australia...(By the wayy add me in BlueServer3 nickname -Meow-)...
But the icing on my great week cake came today during the HELP University College Sports Carnival...The night before(Friday) was spent worrying about how i would do and if i could still run and thoughts tend to keep you awake...So i had 0 hours of sleep while facing the biggest hurdle in my entire college life so far...I represented the A-Levels in the 100m sprint,200m sprint,4x100m relay and the 4x400m relay...To cut a long story short i came home with 3 silver and one gold medal...=D...A-Levels won overall of course...And call me arrogant but i just couldn't stop feeling like the silent hero of today...
Anyway i would like to thank my beautiful darling Melissa Tan for being there by my side the whole day...In the hot sun sitting patiently on the bleachers and cheering the A-Levels on...I Love You dear =p!!
Well guys it's 6am and I have run out of things to write about...Sorry for the not-so-perfect english but you guys have to understand...I happen to be typing while trying not to fall asleep on the keyboard...Until next time =D Keep Smiling...